Who am I? What’s my story?

My name is Carrie Wachsmann and I am a storyteller, writer, artist and publisher. 

Why did I build this site in 2012? Because I value good health. Because I think  my story can help someone else.

When I’m in good health, I can do the things I love to do – like Storytelling. 

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I was very sick  and Moringa has been instrumental in my total recovery.

Here’s my story…

it came – Discovering the problem

In the fall of 2004 I became ill. The doctor told me I had a virus and that it would pass. I suffered from severe fatigue, bouts of vertigo, debilitating digestive issues, nausea, severe muscle, connective tissue and joint pain, foggy brain, dizzy spells and loss of balance. A previous back injury flared up, adding to the discomfort and trauma. I was a mess.

My life as I knew it suddenly came to a halt. I had barely enough energy to climb the stairs let alone work. After several months of being told I had a virus, I realized I had to take charge. It was up to me to find the help I needed to solve this mysterious disease. We prayed for answers.

PRAYING for Answers

In Jan of 2005 I began my visits to Dr. Matsen – North Shore Naturopathic Clinic in N. Vancouver. His specialty is heavy metal detoxification. My first visit revealed that the mysterious disease from which I was suffering was mercury poisoning. The main source of the poisoning was coming from seeping amalgams. (mercury fillings in my teeth)

I believe that God wants good things for us. I believe that He has been with me and helping me find answers to my challenging health issues. I am so thankful for His working in my life. My faith and trust in Him has grown during these years of fighting my way back to health. The Bible says “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” It was up to me to accept and believe that God was for me and that He was working with me, to bring healing into my physical body.

For the next months we worked on balancing my body using nutrition and supplements to give me more strength and resilience. Next came the arduous and costly task of removing the mercury fillings safely. That took a chunk out of our savings. My husband still asks me to smile so he can see his boat. LOL.

Removing the amalgams brought immediate relief. No more vertigo and my eyelids were no longer swollen in the morning.

Then, under the supervision of my Naturopath, the slow detoxification process began.

A Set Back

In fall of 2006 menopause hit. My adrenals became exhausted and I had to stop the detoxification process. Since Dr. Matsen’s expertise was heavy metal detoxification, he advised me to find someone who specialized in menopausal issues. After several months, I found someone who I believed could help me through this next stage of the healing process. I spent most of that winter writing in my journals and painting, trusting that this too would pass.

My journey has not been easy. I’ve needed to remove “stress” factors from my life. I’ve needed to adjust my diet to exclude wheat and dairy products. The positive side of this is I’ve discovered some of the most delicious grains and foods that suit my life style completely.

And it passed!

I can truly say, my food is my medicine. Add a lot of laughter, a good Naturopath, and the power of prayer and you’ve got a powerful antidote for sickness.

I started using Moringa
 five years ago



Soon I noticed significant improvements that were very encouraging. So encouraging that I still use this amazing leaf powder today.

My Naturopath agrees – it’s working for me in a very positive way. I also take other essential vitamins/minerals, but try to get them mostly by eating well.

It’s bitter; it’s not the tastiest food on the planet, but it works. “The path over the tongue is short,” my husband tells me is what his mother always told him when it came to taking his cod liver oil.

HINT: if you add Moringa to a little black cherry or berry juice, it goes down well.

I started writing books again – And storytelling

– fantasy/fiction/drama my favorite.

2016I’m still using Moringa every day.  I continue to have good energy, (sustained and not feeling like I need a nap in the afternoon) and my visits to the Naturopath this past year have been especially encouraging.

All the toxic heavy metals (nasty mercury especially) – way down – from way up. Now that’s a good report. I’m active and excited about life. I’m just plain happy!

Feeling good means I can do the things I love to do.

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