Moringa Powder & Moringa Oil Sources


Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil









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Many of you have asked where to get this product.

I’m ready to reveal my sources.

Before I recommend something, I want to be sure the company and the product I recommend are of excellent quality.

I’ve used the following sources for the past 3 years and have only good things to say.

Please Note: I do NOT get any benefit from sharing my sources –

other than the satisfaction of helping others get this amazing food in their hands (and bodies ūüôā )

The Moringa POWDER







I get from a company in the US called:


Their quality organic products and customer service are excellent.


The Moringa OIL

Moringa Oil and spoon copy




I get from a US based company called:

 Moringa Source

This Moringa oil is approved for EXTERNAL use only. It’s excellent for the skin – shelf life is 5 years. I love it.


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My daily doze of Moringa powder helps me feel good and

when I’m feeling good I can do the things I love to do –

like telling stories and writing ¬†books –

& helping others do the same.

Simply being creative. 

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See you around 

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  1. I heard that moringa powder is really good for you. I didn’t know that you could just buy it from various companies! I’ll make sure I get it from someone trustworthy.

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